How it works

5 easy steps to successful logo

That's what everyone wants to know. The answer is simple: we have over 15 years experience. We've learned that putting in the extra effort to understand you and your business allows us to accurately interpret your design needs. That is what makes us the best. Then it's our job to translate your company's unique qualities and message into a logo perfectly suited for your clientele. Once we've done this it is simply a matter of deciding the finishing touches with you in terms of colors, shapes and images. It's an easy 5-step process.

Step 1. The Logo Information

Your Project Coordinator will directly work with you to understand your organization. The information you provide will enable us to best interpret your business and your needs.

Step 2. Think Tank

At this stage your Project Team brainstorms how to best develop your company's uniqueness into a graphic representation of words, symbols and images. Your Project Coordinator shares with our design team the vision of your company as developed in Step 1. They discuss your logo's intended effect and which specific elements will work best for your company image and for your budget. A general consensus will be reached regarding:

  • The logo's content - what does it say?
  • The logo's image - what type of style?
  • The logo's impact - which elements to be pronounced?

Step 3. Logo Design Development

Each Designer independently creates their own interpretation of the concepts developed for your company. The information and understanding of your company's message will be translated into images.

Step 4. The First Viewing

Our Project Team reviews each of the logo ideas created by the Designers. The best are chosen and assembled on your private viewing page. We solicit your feedback and then generate an additional three variations to ensure the logo is perfect.

Step 5. The Finished Product

After the final logo design is approved, we provide camera-ready artwork to you in just about any digital file type you request (such as .tiff, .ai, .eps, .jpeg). You will receive all logo colors in a Pantone matching system for easy reproduction. We then archive your logo for your convenience and offer lifetime logo support.

Next? Additional Design Services

Once your logo is complete and archived, there are additional services we can help you with. We can customize your logo for use on letterhead, websites, and much more. For additional information please contact us.